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Sabya takes part in EXPOLIFE in Germany

Sabya takes part in EXPOLIFE, an International trade fair for all medical centres, rehabilitation-centres and orthopaedic foot care specialists in Kassel, Germany

The EXPOLIFE trade fair (previously the EGROH trade fair) took place for the sixth time in April 2011. All directors and employees in the specialist medical and rehabilitation sector, orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic foot care companies were granted free entry to the exhibition halls in Kassel and invited to gather information on innovations from all the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Furthermore, the trade fair provided a forum for informative discussions between colleagues and expert advice direct from manufacturers, as well as an opportunity for continued and further training.

In the last few years, the trade fair for all medical centres, rehabilitation- centres, orthopaedic and orthopaedic foot care specialists has established itself as an industry forum which is also gaining increasing importance for visitors from abroad. With its new name, EXPOLIFE, the trade fair formerly known as EGROH will also specifically address international trade fair visitors, who were invited to Kassel via targeted mailshots.

The trade fair, which is aimed at all business owners, managing directors and employees working in the specialist healthcare sector, provided extensive information on new products and innovative healthcare solutions in the fields of bandagistics, homecare, incontinence, medical technology, mobility and everyday assistance, phlebology, prosthetics, rehabilitation technology, orthetics, orthopaedics and orthopaedic foot care technology.

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